INGSYSTEM's main activity is the execution of all types of facilities for the Agri-food industry within the sector of thermal / sanitary insulation through sandwich panels of its own manufacture.

In the DNA of INGSYSTEM is its technical team focused on R&D and the need to update and technically improve the solutions for application in the assembly of its facilities, an example is the design of the sandwich panel already mentioned.

As a result of this constant effort, INGSYSTEM is the only installer to develop a sanitary profile built from the same sheet metal as the sandwich panel, it is a concave profile that once installed is capable of taking the sanitary quality of the installation to another level. As the visual cleaning and aesthetics of the installation itself.

INGSYSTEM has a team of assembly operators that allows it to develop its activity throughout the national sphere.

In order for our brand and quality to be perfectly recognizable in any facility, INGSYSTEM has the implementation of an assembly STANDARD that allows it to unify each and every one of its facilities and therefore technically train our operators to guarantee the quality of any installation with typical INGSYSTEM installation standards.

In addition to the installation of sandwich panels, INGSYSTEM supplies and installs all the typical elements of any installation such as:

- Panels with a rock wool core for fire protection sectors.
- Refrigerating doors, service doors, high-speed doors, sectional doors, etc..
- Fire doors for sectorization.
- Floor insulation.
- RF / normal windows.
- Guardrail type protections and bollards to protect panels and doors.
- Acoustic isolation.
- Special insulation for other applications.