v is a national company specializing in the execution of sandwich panel installations with a Polyisocyanurate (PIR) core for thermal / sanitary insulation for the food industry with application in sanitary enclosures for workrooms, thermal insulation of cold rooms for freezing, deep freezing , conservation, etc., in addition to being specialists in thermal insulation, we also carry out the installation of fire protection sections using sandwich panels with a rock wool core as well as the installation of the entire range of refrigerated doors, service, high-speed doors, sectional doors, RF doors providing the complete solution in thermal insulation and fire sectorization.

As a result of its constant initiative in R & D & I, a new project for the design and manufacture of the best sandwich panel for sanitary thermal insulation for the Agri-Food Industry, with the most ambitious technical criteria for the strictest applications such as cameras, arises in 2007 very low temperature refrigerators (deep frozen) and applications for thermal insulation with extreme mechanical needs.

Counting on the experience accumulated for more than 30 years in the execution of all types of installations and the knowledge of the needs and characteristics that the BEST sandwich panel should have , it embarks on the start-up of the best continuous factory for SANDWICH PANELS.

Among the most important characteristics of this panel, it is worth mentioning especially its design of the RECTIFIED tongue and groove joint , it was the first sandwich panel with a RECTIFIED joint on the market, this joint allows to guarantee the continuity of the thermal insulation without any other element added to the joint. between panels, the sheet itself being also tongue-and-groove design to give the panel high mechanical resistance and excellent fire performance.